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Our Walk-Around™ airbrush systems are designed to be fully portable so you don't have to be tethered to an electrical outlet to perform your art. You can work a line of clients while they are waiting for an attraction. You can scoot onto a TV or Film set for a quick touch-up without having to take your talent back to the makeup trailer. 

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You can be out in the middle of a field working a carnival for hours spraying designs through stencils on children of all ages without needing any electricity. All these are examples of the power of the Walk-Around™ airbrush system by Graftobian. 

All Walk-Around™ Systems Include:
- Fully portable (110v. and 220v. compatible compressor)
- Rechargeable and detachable battery pack
- Graftobian SA35 - single action airbrush
- Adjustable 3-26 psi using bleeder valve control
- 6' super flexible silicone rubber hose
- A/C and DC power cords
- International plug ends included (EU, UK, AUS)
- Cleansing fluid
- Instructional DVD (#30050 "HD Makeup 101") or (#20100 F/X Aire Face and Body Art DVD)

FX-Set includes:
- 5 UNITS of F/X AIR (Primary colors)

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