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Our Character Wheels contain two sections filled with the foundation shade required for the character, with the additional four sections filled with the individual shades required for lining, contouring, and detail work to complete the look. Each wheel includes 1 oz. of makeup and is available bulk, or carded with instruction sheet.

31,46 € IVA incl.
26,00 € IVA excl.

You'll love the texture and the coverage; it's comfortable on the skin and has an all day lasting power without requiring touch ups. It does not crack or show creases over time near the mouth.

6,53 € IVA incl.
5,40 € IVA excl.

Our theatrical makeups, including the creme foundations are specially formulated to apply easily with excellent coverage, due to their intense pigmentation. Our cremes are not heavy or oily, but are smooth, silky and have tremendous opacity and color vibrancy. We offer 38 foundation shades in 1/2 oz. sizes.

17,97 € IVA incl.
14,85 € IVA excl.
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